Medtronics And Lawsuits

Medtronics And Lawsuits Medtronic, Inc is the world's largest medical technology company which provides life long solutions for people with chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, neurological disorders, or vascular illnesses.

The products, therapies and services offered by Medtronics have effectively enhanced and extended the lives of millions of people across the globe.

Medtronics is known to be the first company ever to have manufactured a wearable artificial pacemaker. Apart from this, Medtronics is famous for many other implantable electronic devices, such as the commonly used implantable cardioverter-defibrillator, devices for managing urinary incontinence and devices even for managing obesity.

However, of late the path has not been very smooth for Medtronics. The recent Medtronics Defibrillator Lead recall and the accusations that Medtronic gives excessive remuneration and bribes to spine surgeons (for purchasing goods and medical devices from them) are examples of the rueful path on which Medtronics is treading.

The Medtronics Defibrillator Lead recall occurred when doctors at the Minneapolis Heart Institute decided to discontinue the use of Sprint Fidelis cardiac leads, because six patients came back to the Institute complaining that they were experiencing unnecessary shocks. Medtronics declared that it would stop selling its malfunctioning products after five deaths were cited due to the use of these defective products. During the three years that its product was launched into the market, more than 235,000 people were installed with Sprint Fidelis cardiac leads which are supposed to sense irregular heart rhythms and to send an electrical pulse to the heart urging it to produce a shock so that the heart again starts beating normally. However, in the case of defective Sprint Fidelis cardiac leads, the device causes a short circuit and provides unnecessary shocks to the heart.

In another lawsuit against Medtronics, its spinal implant division has been accused of spending millions of dollars to pay excessive remuneration, unlawful perquisites and bribes to surgeons to purchase and use medical devices of Medtronics. The suit against such unethical and illegal payments has been filed by an ex-employee, Jacqueline Kay Poteet, who worked as a senior manager of travel services for Medtronic until 2003.

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Medtronics And Lawsuits