The Criminalization Of Medicine And America War On Doctors

The Criminalization Of Medicine And America War On Doctors Doctors and physicians are the most respectable people in any part of the world. These people have a phenomenal importance in human life and are, many times, considered as messiahs directly representing the Almighty.

However, doctors are also human beings and are bound to make errors or engage in activities that can sometimes result in fatal consequences. As a result, they might need to face criminal charges.

In this context, “The Criminalization of Medicine: America’s War on Doctors” is an amazing piece of literary work penned down by Professor Ronald T. Libby, where he had meticulously researched the cases of innocent doctors who were victimized by the federal government and law enforcement officials. Libby recounts the terrifying experiences of doctors who were targeted by investigators and over zealous prosecutors. This book contains cases where doctors had to face serious ignominy and even lose their practice over things that were as simple as clerical errors.

According to the author, doctors in America are being made the scapegoats for the changing financial situation in the American healthcare industry. With the objective of controlling health frauds and crimes resulting due to drug abuse, the Federal Government had initiated tough rules and regulations. As a result, it is the innocent doctors and physicians who are being arrested, convicted and imprisoned on the charges of felony, alleged fraud, kickbacks and drug diversion. Law enforcement bureaucracies have been created for targeting and prosecuting doctors and other health care professionals. While the federal, state and local police are rewarded, law enforcement officials, investigators and prosecutors receive promotion in their ranks.

Charges are being framed on doctors even for simplest of the errors such as billing mistakes, for referring patients to clinics or treating patients with analgesics and pain killers. Even the punishment for these charges is severe ranging from long term imprisonment and large fines.


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The Criminalization Of Medicine And America War On Doctors