Why Are Food Additives Used ?

Why Are Food Additives Used ?

Food additives are ingredients that are added over and above the normal ingredients of different kinds of food. Their main aim is to act as preservatives to keep food fresh or to give them additional flavor in taste and smell or even added color. There are different reasons why food additives are added to prepared food.

Food gets spoiled if kept open for a long period of time. People who sell such food commercially have to use additives so that the food has a longer shelf life. Use of food additives is not a new concept but is an age old one and human beings have been suing the concept for hundreds of years. Pickles and other types of food are preserved using vinegar and oil. Even salt and wine is used to preserve some types of food.

With technological advances several kinds of foods are being sold and it is mainly possible because of preservatives. Food can be stored in packaging with the help of preservatives and vacuum packs for at least six months now. That is why there is a sudden increase in the export and import of food items all over the world. Several food items like bread, cookies, wine and beer and other alcoholic drinks need food additives to stay fresh for a longer period of time. This list also includes the aerated drinks which most Americans consume everyday.

Every single person consumes some amount of preservatives everyday. There has been a long ongoing debate about the harmful side effects of consuming preservatives, and also that they are known to cause cancer.

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Why Are Food Additives Used