How To Grow Herbs Indoors ?

How To Grow Herbs Indoors ?

Herbs are nothing but plants that can be grown in our own backyard. Usually herbs are extracts of small bush like plants. All herbs need sunlight to grow. You can grow parsley, coriander, garlic and some other things at home provided you have a sunny spot reserved for them. If you live in colder climates, then you need to make sure that these plants get sunlight by putting them outdoors when the sun is there.

Parsley is a useful herb and you can easily grow them. Get some pots prepared with high quality soil and mix the manure before you put in the seeds for the plant. Do not over crowd the container and make sure that you put only a few seeds per pot. Make a choice of herbs you would like to plant.

Choose some plants that grow easily and do not go for high maintenance ones in the beginning itself. When the seeds start sprouting in the pots then water them more carefully. In the winters the plants may not need so much water. So keep the watering low during colder climates. Keep a thorough check on the plants growth from time to time. Once you grasp the idea of growing herbs indoors, you can go on cultivating more slow growing ones like rosemary or thyme. Soil fertilizers are required for herbs to grow and they should be fed with it from time to time. Herbs do not grow to be very big, so you need not feed them with excessive fertilizers either. 

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How To Grow Herbs Indoors