Cinnamon And Weight Loss

Cinnamon And Weight Loss

Cinnamon is a herb that has several medicinal properties. It comes in three varieties; namely: Ceylon, Indonesian and Cassia cinnamon. Very often, cinnamon is regarded as a natural medicine to treat several ailments. In fact, many pharmaceuticals use cinnamon as an important ingredient to manufacture several types of medicines.

However, the most important benefit of cinnamon most probably is its ability to aid weight loss. The drink is prepared by boiling one teaspoon honey with half teaspoon cinnamon powder. This is strained and split into two portions. One part should be taken half an hour prior to breakfast, and the other half an hour before bed time. This is supposed to reduce anywhere between three to five pounds a week without diet restrictions. Cinnamon and honey stop fat accumulation, honey works as antioxidant and cinnamon influences sugar break-down in a way that it does not turn into fat.

But this drink cannot work in isolation. It has to be accompanied by avoiding junk and fatty food, having a balanced diet and working out regularly on cardio and strength exercises.

Other uses of cinnamon and honey include relief from common cold, infertility, upset stomach, gas, immune system complications, indigestion, influenza, longevity, pimples, skin infections, cancer, fatigue, bad breath, cholesterol, yeast infection, arthritis, bladder infection, heart diseases, ulcers and hearing loss.

Cinnamon in small doses everyday is a boon for good health. This has to be taken after doctor’s consultation if one is already under medication. Overdose of cinnamon has to be avoided since it can cause damage to kidney and liver.

Cinnamon can be harvested and stored in stick or powder form for our use all round the year.

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Cinnamon And Weight Loss