Where Is Cinnamon Grown ?

Where Is Cinnamon Grown ?

Cinnamon is grown for using it is as a spice and as a flavoring agent for foods. The cinnamon trees can grow up to a height of 50 feet. They are primarily found in Southeast Asian countries and Sri Lanka. Cinnamon is also grown in other countries for commercial purposes such as Brazil.

This evergreen tree requires moist soil, humid atmosphere and moderate temperature to grow well. The growth is at its best at low altitudes. When cinnamon is planted first, it is left to grow approximately for 2 years. Then the stem is cut off and left for a while to enhance the growth of shoots. The shoots are later stripped off their bark and are sun-dried. During this process, they get curled up and are called quills.

Cinnamon is then sold in the market in the stick form or in powdered form. The two most common types of cinnamon are true cinnamon and Chinese cinnamon. They are hardly differentiable. While true cinnamon is in the form of thin strips, the Chinese cinnamon is relatively thicker. The true cinnamon is sweeter compared to the other variety but nowadays, Chinese cinnamon is more commonly available in the stores.

People opt to grow cinnamon in their garden for commercial and medicinal purposes. There are lots of takers in today’s world for this evergreen tree and stiff competition is being observed for grabbing a stable place for selling Cinnamon in commercial markets. If the growing conditions are suitable, it is profitable to grow this medicinal aromatic spice.

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Where Is Cinnamon Grown