Homeopathic Medicine And Where To Buy

Homeopathic Medicine And Where To Buy Homeopathy is an ancient healing system that is based on simple principle, which is “likes cures like”.

The term “Homeopathy” is derived from a Greek word “Homoios” which means Similar and “pathos” means Disease or Suffering. Developed in the early 18th century by a German physician Samuel Hahnemann, homeopathy was once a popular method of treatment in the United States and Europe. Hahnemann was basically looking for a mild way of treating ailments and restore health by means of stimulating the internal vital energy and natural defense mechanism in a person. Hahnemann believed that substances that can cause a disease also have the ability to provide a healing response, if used in appropriate form and in appropriate amounts. Based on this principle, homeopathic medicines are primarily derived from natural substances such as herbs, minerals and animal products.

Homeopathy is primarily described as an individualized therapy. It is mandatory for a homeopathic practitioner to understand the disease completely. He needs to know the origin of the disease, its symptoms and its effect on the individual based on which treatment is given. So as to understand the origin of the disease, it is imperative that the practitioner takes a detailed history of the individual including his health, eating habits, lifestyle and preferences. Based on this, a homeopath looks for a substance that in overdose can cause a similar type of symptoms. This substance is then provided as a remedy in the form of small and specially prepared dosages.

The basic principle of homeopathy is in many ways similar to certain conventional medical practices such as vaccinations, allergy treatments and immunotherapy. Homeopathic remedies are the safest medicines to use involving negligible side effects. In fact, homeopathic remedies have been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration as over-the-counter drugs that can be purchased by anyone from health food stores, pharmacies and even grocery stores. Homeopathic medicines can also be obtained from various online websites.

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Homeopathic Medicine And Where To Buy