How Many Grams Of Carbohydrate In A Serving Of French Fries

How Many Grams Of Carbohydrate In A Serving Of French Fries ?

In the fast paced life of today, very few people have the time or energy to cook a healthy meal.

This would explain by fast food establishments are doing roaring business.

However, nutritionists and health experts are worried that this trend will soon become a health nightmare in the US.

One of the most popular fast foods in the US is French fries. On an average, one American consumes around 4 portions of French fries a week; and children get around quarter of their vegetable intake through French fries. This is alarming and would explain the obesity that is being seen in children and young adults. Unfortunately this consumption does not do children and adults any good. In fact, French fries is in the list of 8 most unhealthy foods.

If French fries are unhealthy, there must be reason. Usually a food is labeled as unhealthy because of its fat content, calorie content, sodium content, sugar content, and carbohydrate content. So, what about the much-loved French fries? How many grams of carbohydrate are present in a serving of French fries?

It is believed that one portion of French fries contains around 400 calories and 20 grams of saturated fat. However, the carbohydrate content in French fries basically depends on where you purchase your fries from. For instance, a large portion of French fries from McDonalds has 77 grams of carbohydrate but a large portion of fries from another outlet may have less or more carbohydrate.

No doubt we need carbohydrate to fuel our body. It is the main source of energy. However, what we need is the right amount. Anything consumed in excess will be stored in the body in the form of fat and this would translate, in turn, to weight gain.

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How Many Grams Of Carbohydrate In A Serving Of French Fries