Can Tension Bring On Cluster Headaches ?

Can Tension Bring On Cluster Headaches ?

Cluster headache, also known as suicide headache, is a rare neurological disorder that starts all of a sudden behind or around one of your eyes and is very severe. The word cluster is used because these types of headaches typically comes in group or clumps.

Cluster headaches are frequency associated with drooping eyelids, red, watery eyes and runny nose. The cause of the disorder is currently unknown. It affects approximately 0.1 percent of the population, and men are affected more commonly than women in a proportion of 6: 1.

Cluster headaches are far rarer than tension headache or migraine, and the pain is also very excruciating. They usually come on abruptly without any warning and are typically unilateral (occurring in one side of the head). The pain is often described as acute, penetrating and agonizing.

Though the exact cause of cluster headache is not known, many health experts believe that the nerve that carries the sensation from your head to brain is the cause of cluster headache. People who smoke or drink alcohol excessively are more susceptible to cluster headache. Cluster headache may be triggered by stress, relaxation, tension, extreme temperature and sexual activity. Eating certain foods may also trigger cluster headache.

Despite intense pain cluster headache is not always life threatening. However, it affects the quality of life and sometimes induces depressions or anxiety disorder especially if the headaches are not controlled by medication or other therapies. Cluster headache can be treated by pain relievers and preventative medications. Because the pains occur all of a sudden, pain relievers are often ineffective in relieving all the pain but may help in holding off headaches or limiting their frequency.

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Can Tension Bring On Cluster Headaches