Can Tension Headaches Cause Lightheadedness ?

Can Tension Headaches Cause Lightheadedness ?

Almost over 90 percent of the population faces troubles like headaches at sometime point of the time or other. There are so many tensions in life that it usually becomes the cause of these headaches. Migraine and sinuses are also the types of headaches that are prevalent among the masses. But, the most prominent is the tension headache or stress headache.

Tension headache or stress headache is unrelated to the entire well-being of the person and his health. They are sometimes called as muscle contraction headache because sometimes, tension headaches are caused by tightening of the muscles in the neck or scalp. Sometimes, internal or external environment with stressful situation due to social or family factors of the person cause tension headaches.

A tension headache, unlike migraine, is a dull ache on the sides of the front of the head that is not throbbing or unilateral. They can start right in the middle of the day and progress in intensity slowly, enough to disturb sleep and cause discomfort.

Tension headaches have symptoms like a dull ache, irritability, sensitivity to noise or light, fatigue and muscle pain. It also causes light-headedness and dizziness. The reason behind it is because of the muscles that closely link the head and the neck. They link the vestibular system to the brainstem because of which dizziness and light-headedness are caused. In such cases, the person goes through acute discomfort and simple over-the-counter tablets can help minimize the headache. If pills are not effective and the pain keeps recurring, then a doctor’s prescription is important that can help avoid the light-headedness and the dull ache that persists.

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Can Tension Headaches Cause Lightheadedness