What Causes Burning Pain In Lower Stomach ?

What Causes Burning Pain In Lower Stomach ?

Burning pain in the lower stomach is caused due to a urinary tract infection or on account of urine retention. In this condition a person may feel the need to pass urine but may not be able to do so and because of this the patient may have a burning pain in the lower stomach and this will also give a feeling of fullness to the patient.

Along with a burning pain and difficulty in passing urine, some patients may also pass blood in their urine. There may also be yellow discharge and also pain during intercourse. Though the patients are unable to pass urine, they have a feeling of fullness and hence keep getting the urge to pass urine.

Patients suffering from urine retention should drink as much as eight glasses of water per day and should see a doctor at the earliest. One more major symptom of this condition is high fever and the same can be brought down with the help of antibiotics. Some doctors are of the opinion that the patients suffering from this condition should avoid spicy foods, alcohol and caffeine. They are also advised to avoid intercourse.

Stomach pain can be due to various reasons and may be accompanied with different symptoms. Whatever may be the reason, stomach pain should not be treated with over the counter medicines, but it is always safer to seek the advice of a doctor so that the problem does not aggravate into something major. Anything that is diagnosed at the earliest can be treated much more easily, than an advanced stage disease.

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What Causes Burning Pain In Lower Stomach