Can Toothache In Teeth Affect Neck And Shoulder ?

Can Toothache In Teeth Affect Neck And Shoulder ?

A throbbing pain around one particular tooth can put someone to maximum discomfort. Now can this toothache affect the other parts of the body like neck and shoulder? The pain normally could be in only one part of the body, or it may spread to other parts like chest or arms or shoulder or neck or any other portion.

Where a toothache is concerned it is generally because of cavities or decay. At times it is due to an infection. What surprises is, sometimes, one suffers from toothache when the pain is actually because of the pain in some other part of the body. Probably this is what they call as a referred pain or a radiating pain. It is said that a toothache or a jaw pain that at times spreads to neck pain could lead to heart attack. At times, toothache has been confused with sinusitis as they do have some identical symptoms in some situations. So does the tension headache! It too can imitate a dental pain. Neck, face and scalp at times are quite sensitive points that hurt just by a simple touch to aggravate the pain. 

If there is some tenderness in the muscles of the head or if it is in the neck, doctors do consider them as a possibility of some dental reason that causes reflex spasm although the pain could be elsewhere at a distant. They try to figure out if there is any chest pain or sweating or nausea accompanied and where exactly is the pain located.

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Can Toothache In Teeth Affect Neck And Shoulder