Can Toothache Pain Redirect To Another Body Part ?

Can Toothache Pain Redirect To Another Body Part ?

Though it is not a good experience for any of us to feel the pain it could vary in its intensity that could be felt frequently or rarely or even permanently. It is actually the defense system of the body that is inflicting pain in the body parts.

It is believed that at times the pains are redirected. For example, when a person is having toothache the pain could be felt in the leg or arm. There could be a throbbing felt at heart because of the repairing of nerve ending being done. It requires more blood in that area; hence, the increased pulse rate in that particular spot.

When a toothache is not treated in time, it is directed to the nerves that ache later on in some other part of the body.  Since the blood in our body is pumped more to the part where the nerve ending is deteriorated and that is the reason for your feeling the throbbing sensation in our heart while the one part is under pain. The pain could be in any part of the body but generally it is felt at a particular spot at a time and that would make very uncomfortable.

Though it is very common and natural that one or the other part of the body is wearing down and repairing itself, it is possible for the same pain to lead to something more serious and dangerous. It is advisable to see a doctor, as it is possible that it may not be a simple toothache; could be related to some other part of the body.

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Can Toothache Pain Redirect To Another Body Part