Effect Of Sigmund Freud Theories On Human Thinking

Effect Of Sigmund Freud Theories On Human Thinking

Sigmund Freud's theories were controversial when he came up with them and are they are still considered to be controversial. However, it should suffice to say that the effect of Sigmund Freud's theories on human thinking is not a topic that is debated by many.

For instance, it was Freud who got people thinking about a way to cure many mental disorders and ailments. He was instrumental in opening the door for psychotherapy, which is still referred to as talk therapy. His research and findings showed the world that people suffering from mental disorders could be cured or improved if they spoke about their problems. When Freud suggested this in the 19th century, it caused an uproar among the scientific community. However, while many psychotherapists reject the details of Freud's theories, they still apply the basic principles when handling patients and these principles come from Freud's work.

While many psychotherapists reject Freud's theories, they cannot deny that their practice shows his influence. There are some psychotherapists who agree with Freudian theories and follow his system of treatment and there are others who have modified and altered his approach.

Many philosophers have admired Freud and it is a known fact that many of his theories have had a great impact on the Frankfurt school of thought and critical theory. French philosophers like Jacques Derrida and Jean-Francois Lyotard were highly influenced by Freud's theories.

Freud's model of the mind is often looked down upon as philosophers believe that it cannot challenge the enlightenment model of rational agency, which is an important part of modern philosophy. The Freudian model of mind suggests that reason occurred only partially in the conscious mind (also known as ego). The mind contains hidden regions, namely id and superego and these were responsible for motivating conscious activities and driving behavior. Therefore, according to Freud's model of mind, a person does not act out of reason and his actions are driven by many hidden forces that are controlled by the id and superego.

The effect of Sigmund Freud's theories on human thinking cannot be denied. His theories being controversial helped other psychologists and psychology academicians to put forth their beliefs and theories.

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Effect Of Sigmund Freud Theories On Human Thinking