CT Scan Radiation Can Cause Cancer

CT Scan Radiation Can Cause Cancer

         According to two studies conducted in the US, computed tomographic scans, or CT scans as they are popularly known, can cause cancer many decades after a patient has been exposed to the radiation from the scanners.

         CT scans are quite popular in the world as it allows doctors to see a three-dimensional image of an organ or tissue.

         One of the studies was conducted in San Francisco in four hospitals and it found that even medium level of doses of radiation used in CT scans is around 4 times more that what they are supposed to be. If a patient has one CT scan for a coronary angiogram, he is subjected to as much radiation as a person would get from having 309 chest X-rays.  

         The same study also found that out of 270 women who had CT scans of the coronary artery, one woman of the age of 40 would end up getting cancer because of the scan.

          Another study found that out of the 72 million CT scans that were done in the US in 2007, around 29,000 patients would end up developing cancers due to those scans. The study made sure that it excluded patients who already have tumors and also those patients who ended up having the scan as end-of-life treatment.  

          The second research stated that the cancers in the patients would develop around 20 to 30 years after the exposure and since the there is a 50-percent mortality rate with cancer, the US would see around 15,000 cancer deaths each year on account of the supplementary cancers developing due to the scans.

          This does not paint a very good picture about CT scans. The researchers are stressing that it is important for hospitals to reduce the dosage of radiation if this number has to be brought down.

CT Scan Radiation Can Cause Cancer