ADHD/ADD Or Hearing Loss?

ADHD/ADD Or Hearing Loss?

          Often if a teacher complains that a student is not listening, cannot sit still or is unable to finish his or her assignments, the last thing that comes to mind is hearing loss. Maybe, it is time that hearing loss should be considered as the first option.

          Research has shown that one out three school going children suffer from sufficient hearing loss to make it difficult for them to learn. In the US, it is estimated that around 5 million school going children suffer from varying degrees of hearing loss. This startling revelation was made by the Department of Hearing and Speech Sciences at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

          According to researchers, many children end up having undetected hearing loss. This type of hearing loss is known as minimal sensorineural hearing loss. Researchers found that one in every twenty children suffers from this type of hearing loss.

          An assistive listening device manufacturer recently compared the behavior of children who suffer from ADHD/ADD with children who suffer from mild hearing loss. The results were startling as it was found that both these groups of children displayed similar behaviors. The children in both the groups could not give correct answers to questions; they could not complete their assignments; they have problems following oral presentations; they have low self-esteem; they have problems mixing with peers; and they have the tendency to repeat grades.

          Now researchers are wondering whether children diagnosed with ADHD/ADD could be suffering from a mild form of hearing loss. As usually ADHD/ADD is diagnosed by the doctor based on the observations of the child's behavior and through observational inputs given by parents and teachers. ADHD/ADD Or Hearing Loss?