Costs Involved In Selling My Home  

Once a seller has established the reasons and benefits of selling a house that next thing he has to discover is the cost involved in selling the particular home.

Outstanding home loan - If a prospective seller has taken any loan previously on the home he is planning to sell, then he must at the first instance clear all the debts only then he will be able to sell. If selling becomes inevitable, then the seller has to judiciously plan how to clear the previous debts.

Agent commission - Those who take the help of real estate agents need to pay a chunk of the expense to these agents paid in the name of commission. The commission rate varies from 3 percent to 7 percent of the selling price. There are various agencies who would be asking for various rates. Check which one suits you in all aspects. There are many sellers who want to save on this commission and jump into the process all by themselves. Well, although it is not impossible, one must remember that a real estate transaction is not a thing for amateurs. It involves big money and adequate knowledge. So, if you are keen on conducting the selling process yourself, you need to study the market well and analyze various factors.

Closing expenses - Closing cost particularly involves the cost on title insurance expenses, pro-rated property taxes, document preparation fees, and finally fees that are paid to the lawyer for getting the legal proceedings done for you. The closing fees are usually standard and do not burden much. But, you must have an estimate done before hand.

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Costs Involved In Selling My Home




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