Selling A Home On The Internet  

Statistics say that 8 out of every 10 prospective home buyers take the help of the Internet in searching homes of their choice. So, if you are planning to present and market your home to a wide public, the Internet would be the best choice. As a seller probably you would not know which website the buyer would access. So, the best thing would be to post your home listing in multiple websites.

When you are going for listing of your property on the Internet, there is a few basic information that you must pass on. Some of the information that you should include in your posting are as follows:

  • Property address
  • Sales price
  • Number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Year the house was built
  • Style of home and number of stories
  • Square footage
  • Acreage or lot size
  • Name of subdivision and/or location
  • Other rooms: family-den-media-library
  • Type of flooring
  • Type of garage
  • Special features like fireplace or pool
  • Appliances
  • Upgrades
  • HVAC description
  • Contact information

After you have attached this necessary information in the listing, the next thing would be to give a description of the features and the benefits associated with them. The description should be given in a manner that would not only simply inform, but illustrate a particular feature. For instance the description of a house for sale can be as follows:

Feature - Gourmet Kitchen
Benefit - Makes cooking fun and pleasant; makes an impact on friends with high-tech equipment; space to put on view cookware and books; easy and time saving appliances; easy care and maintenance; and attractive design turns the kitchen into a relaxing and welcoming workplace.

Use appropriate photographs taken from various angles and of all sections of your home. Features that need to be highlighted must be included in the photographs.

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Selling A Home On The Internet




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