Emotional Impact Of Breast Implant Surgery

Emotional Impact Of Breast Implant Surgery

If you are planning on having a breast augmentation surgery, make sure that you look at all the angles. While most women look at the financial side of the surgery, many forget to take into consideration the emotional impact.

There are some women who do not like their present breast size and are very unhappy. When these women opt for breast implant surgery, it can help them get back their self-confidence and self-image. They feel as though they have started a whole new life and find themselves looking better than what they used to.

However, having this surgery means going under the surgeon's knife, having anesthesia, staying in the hospital, having surgical scars and then spending sufficient time recovering from the surgical procedure. These things also have an emotional impact that many women are under-prepared to handle.

The choice to have breast implant surgery should be weighed properly. Not only will it affect the way you look, it will also affect the way other people perceive you. Some of the emotional impacts of breast implant surgery are as follows:

The recovery time after the surgery will affect a woman emotionally. While the surgery is performed to regain and boost self confidence and self image, how the woman feels physically immediately after the surgery will affect her emotionally. The woman would have to deal with itching of the skin, inflammation, numbness of the breasts, extremely sensitive nipples, reddening of the skin. All these things can cause an array of emotions, right from feeling depressed to feeling anxious to feeling frustrated.

Another emotional impact of breast implant surgery occurs a few days after the procedure. Some women regret having the surgery because of the pain and recovery, while other are happy that they had the procedure, but may not be satisfied with the appearance of their breasts. However, it takes time for the implants to settle down in the body and the body to heal. Only after this entire procedure is completed will a woman know what her breasts would look like.

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Emotional Impact Of Breast Implant Surgery