Social Security Disability Law

Social Security Disability Law

There are various disability laws, which cover a certain group of individuals.

We have discusses about the provisions of the private, short-term and mental disability laws so far. This section deals with yet another law on disability called the social security disability law.Social security disability refers to the condition in which a working individual is so critically injured or suffers from an illness that results in a disability for at least one year. The disability of a working individual for this period of time may make it impossible for him/her to pursue with his/her current job, resulting in loss of income, for at least one year. Such individuals could be eligible for disability benefits program as per the Social Security Administration (SSA) Act. This Act is enforced by the United States Social Security Administration.

The eligibility criteria for Social Security Disability benefits as per the SSA Act, can be classified into two categories and they are discussed below.

Disability requirements:  As per the SSA guidelines, the condition can be termed a disability only if it is severe enough to fully restrict the affected individual from attending to his/her routine tasks or from performing any significant productive work for a period of at least one year. Moreover, the individual will also be eligible for benefits if the condition is so critical that it could eventually lead to his/her death within a period of one year.

Income requirements: As per the SSA guidelines, the income, if any, earned by an individual who qualifies as “disabled” should be lower than the limit set by the SSA. Also, the affected employee must have worked in that job for a stipulated number of years.

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