Toppik Scalp Cancer : Can Toppk cause scalp cancer?

       Skin cancer can be defined as the abnormal growth of keratinocytes or skin cells that mainly occurs when the skin gets exposed to the sun. Skin cancers are mainly classified into basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma.

      Scalp cancer is a unique type of squamous cell skin cancer (SCC) that occurs in men who are balding. The main reason for occurrence of scalp cancer is that their scalp gets frequently exposed to radiation from Sun. However, scalp cancer can also occur in people having full head of hair.

      Scalp cancer is considered to be one of the most aggressive forms of SCC. However, a complete treatment of scalp cancer is possible if diagnosed early. The most significant symptoms of scalp cancer include irritation on the scalp, formation of red nodules or fat lesions on the scalp and bleeding from these lesions. Diagnosis of scalp cancer is possible through a routine biopsy of the lesions. The most appropriate treatment for curing scalp cancer is surgical removal of the cancer.

      However, applying sunscreen lotions, wearing hats while going out and avoiding midday sun could help in preventing the occurrence of scalp cancer.

     Toppik is a unique hair covering material that eliminates the appearance of thinning hair and baldness. Toppik is based on the concept of using micro-fibers that are composed of Keratin, a protein present in normal hair. These micro fibers are statically charged hairs that intertwine with the surrounding normal hair and stay firm, thus effectively covering the affected area. Toppik is equally effective in both men and women and is available in eight different shades.

     However, there is one disadvantage of using Toppik. Even though toppik does NOT cause cancer, usage of toppik makes it difficult to spot the cancer on the scalp. Scalp cancers normally have a different color than the normal skin. It is easier to spot them on scalps with less hair.

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