What a Medical Research Center Does ?

       With the ever growing list of health-related diseases, the role of a medical research center becomes even more important in understanding the life and disease processes on molecular terms.

      One of the main responsibilities of medical research centers such as NIH is to develop innovative methods that enable an effective diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases in the new century. Apart from this, a medical research center is also responsible for creating an atmosphere that helps in fostering young researchers and rekindling their interest in cutting edge research into comprehensive basic medicine including functions of genes and genome, molecular mechanisms of development and differentiation, patho-physiology of ageing, bioinformatics and gene therapy.

       Modern biomedical science has provided medical research centers with a unique opportunity that enables a rapid translation of research finding from the bench to the bedside. A medical research center provides challenging research opportunities leading to the recruitment of an intellectually aggressive research faculty.

      A medical research center also takes a lead role in providing funds and research grants to scientists for the purpose of making advances against several fatal diseases affecting mankind. Other major responsibilities that medical research centers are expected to provide include – providing access to better therapeutic solutions at an affordable cost in cooperation with pharmaceutical companies, make available the benefits of new technologies in cooperation with private sector, discovering medical means to reduce child mortality, improving maternal health, coming up with feasible methods to effectively combat communicable diseases like HIV/AIDS and vector-borne diseases like malaria.

     Health concerns arising due to environment is another prime area that requires focus of a medical research center.  Also required is an ethical and humane approach towards medical research.


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