What Is The Incubation Period For Bronchitis


What Is The Incubation Period For Bronchitis ?  

Bronchitis leads to the swelling of bronchial tubes, and subsequently plugs the airway in the lungs. There are two types of bronchitis. In the acute form of the disease, the infection normally occurs due to a virus, but in minority of patients, bacteria are also seen as a cause. Bronchitis causing viruses include influenza A and B, parainfluenza virus, coronavirus, adenovirus, respiratory syncytial virus and rhinovirus.

Therefore, frequently, the incubation period of acute bronchitis is short and the infection creates intense and rapid symptoms such as cough with chest pain, sore throat and a running nose. The disease itself reacts fast to medical remedies and lasts for about two weeks.

However, when the causative agent is a bacterium, the incubation period may range from days to weeks. The bacterium Mycoplasma pneumoniae is seen to cause bronchitis in teenagers and young adults. The incubation period for this bronchial infection may last from 16 to 30 days. Recovery is fast since this age group has sound immunity.

Yet another form of bacterial infection comes from chlamydophila. This pathogen commonly attacks the elderly. Here, the incubation period is about 30 days. At this age, there are many other health issues such as heart ailments or diabetes. Therefore, treatment takes longer and is more complicated.

Once the disease has been detected, the patient needs to bring certain alterations in the lifestyle and take precautionary measures to recover soon. Lots of fluids should be consumed to enhance the liquidity of the secretions and cleanse the body. Ample rest should be taken by the patient to build better immunity and recoup faster. Inhalation of steam at regular intervals throughout the day assists in clearing the lungs, which makes breathing effortless.

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What Is The Incubation Period For Bronchitis ? )
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