Ovarian Cysts Rupture Complications


Ovarian Cysts Rupture Complications  

Most often, ovarian cysts dissolve on their own in course of time. In cases where the cyst ruptures, the situation could be extremely painful and pose a number of threats to one’s well being. Firstly, at times the cyst is present in a certain location that results in the twisting of the ovaries.

Another cause of this coiling could be a size of the cyst larger than 4 centimeters. This condition is termed as torsion, if there is presence of a tumor as well. As a consequence of the twisting, the supply of blood to the ovary is hindered, thereby posing a fatal threat to the ovarian tissues. This situation is medically termed as ovarian necrosis and it has a drastic negative implication on one’s rate of fertility. The swelling caused as a result of ovarian necrosis can in turn cause infection, septic shock and even death. Other risks involved with this phenomenon of ovarian torsion are damages to the urinary tract and blood clotting in the ovarian vessels. Twisting of the ovaries due to bursting of cysts can only be rectified by conducting a proper surgery.

Secondly, bursting of the cyst releases the cystic fluid into the abdomen which could lead to sepsis. The blood that flows out of the cyst can also pose problems of hemorrhage. Medical examination studies highlight the probability of hemorrhage to be higher in the right ovary in contrast to the left one. The possible reason could be protection of the left ovary by the large intestine. Conditions of hemorrhage can only be resolved by controlling the excessive bleeding or by the surgical removal of the hemorrhaged content. Peritonitis is a third issue that crops up due to bursting of an ovarian cyst. This is defined as the swelling of the mucous membrane lining the abdominal cavity and organs located within. The inflammation is a direct consequence of infection caused by the cystic fluid spilled out of the burst cyst.

Finally, bursting of cyst could also hamper the female’s chances of child birth by formation of adhesions or scarring on the ovaries. This scarring results in decreasing the potential of ovulation in women.

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Ovarian Cysts Rupture Complications )
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