Symptoms Of A Busted Ovarian Cyst


Symptoms Of A Busted Ovarian Cyst  

Ovarian cyst is a common reproductive disease worrying millions of females globally. Ovarian cysts can affect any woman at any stage. One must be aware of the symptoms so that before the worst occurs, it can be cured by proper treatment.

An ovarian cyst looks like a sac which builds up in the ovaries. The sac is filled with fluid, mostly these are not injurious but when they bust it becomes a major concern. An ovarian cyst can be of different kinds. Depending on their kind and growth, the symptoms vary. Various types of ovarian cysts are functional, endometrial, dermoid, polycystic or cytadenomas.

The symptoms of a ruptured ovarian cyst are often confused with acute menstrual pain which is often associated with lower back and abdominal ache. It is very important to recognize the difference between pain developed due to regular menstrual period and a busted ovarian cyst. Once the cause of the pain is understood, subsequent tests and treatment can be undertaken to cure it.

The most prominent sign of a busted ovarian cyst is suffering heaviness in the lower abdominal portion. The heaviness is coupled with pain which could be mild or awful. A pressure is always felt in that area. The pain could come and go at regular intervals. The menstrual cycle becomes irregular, painful and flow is at a heavier side. An acute pain is felt while urinating or clearing the bowels because the cyst tends to block the passages. The other symptoms related to a ruptured ovarian cyst are breast tenderness, difficult sexual intercourse, unusual weight gain, and pain felt in lower back due to any strenuous physical exercise.

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Symptoms Of A Busted Ovarian Cyst )
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