Facts About The Mosquito


Facts About The Mosquito  

Mosquitoes are minute and irritating insects that quickly disappear after giving itchy and uncomfortable bites all over your body. However, there are a number of fascinating facts about the mosquito that may astonish you.

Let’s know some startling facts about this thin bodied insect:

  • A mosquito only weighs 1/25,000 of an ounce.
  • More than 2,500 species of mosquitoes are spread across the world.
  • Mosquitoes are accountable for more human deaths than any other living thing.
  • A single female mosquito can produce over 200 eggs at once. Plus, mosquito eggs can stay alive for more than five years.
  • All mosquitoes require water to finish their life cycle.
  • Not all mosquito species bite human beings. Male mosquitoes stay alive by sucking on nectar and plant juices.
  • Only females suck blood to get protein for their eggs.
  • Daily millions of mosquitoes are born.
  • Mosquitoes hardly ever move beyond 300 feet from their native land.
  • Mosquitoes are present all around the world, even in freezing places like the Arctic.
  • Mosquitoes choose to be near dark places like trees, grass and shrubs.

All mosquitoes of various species produce their eggs in different water origins such as undersized containers to huge areas of quagmire. The larval period always takes place under water and transfers from the underwater to the surface to get oxygen by a snorkel-like respiring device. The pupil phase does not eat but is tremendously energetic. The fully developed mosquito comes out from the pupal shell by air pressure and presumes an earthly life.

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