What Does A Mosquito Hawk Look Like


What Does A Mosquito Hawk Look Like  

A lot of myths circulate with reference to "mosquito hawks". Dragonflies and crane flies, both are generally called as mosquito hawks, but still both have extremely diverse connections with mosquitoes. Let’s understand them in detail.

Dragonflies have acquired this name because of their big dominant jaws. These jaws help dragonflies in catching prey which also includes mosquitoes. On the other hand, crane flies acquired the name mosquito hawk because of their immense similarity with mosquitoes. While only experts can tell the exact difference between these two, for an unqualified person, the only way to demarcate between these two are their sizes, typically crane flies are more than twice the size of the normal mosquito.

Mosquito hawk - dragon fly
Dragon flies are also known as mosquito hawks. This is often linked with their practice of killing mosquitoes. Normally, a grown-up dragonfly can consume hundreds of mosquitoes in a day, along with variety of flies and other species of insects. Also, dragonflies can easily catch their prey in midflight and eat them without landing because of their sharp sight. Even undeveloped dragonflies eat mosquito larvae. Dragon flies have a tendency to inhabit similar areas as mosquitoes because both of them live in damp moist atmospheres.

Mosquito hawk - crane fly
Crane flies are also known as mosquito hawks. Crane flies are similar to extremely huge mosquitoes. Unlike dragon flies, crane flies do not consume mosquitoes nor do they bite people, contrarily they eat the roots of an array of grasses.

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