Animal Research For Kids


Animal Research For Kids  

Imagine a world without animals! Animals are the best companion of human. The animals have influenced us in every way ever since the existence of human beings began.

From food to clothing and farming to transport animal has been an indispensable part.

Not only that, these animals have been protecting us from other animals and environment since ages. They are our greatest helpers at the time we are disabled. Above all animals had been serving as our favorites pets too. A world without animal, therefore, would not possibly exist.

One of the vital role that animal had been playing since long is serving in the field of research. Without animals research in the medical field for treatment of various illnesses would not have been possible at all. The entire pharmaceutical domain depends on researches conducted on animals. There are numerous animal species that become part of the medical research every year such as mice, dogs, pigs and electric eels etc.

Research conducted on these animals by scientists has helped mankind in getting rid of innumerable diseases and illnesses. The ultimate aim of any research conducted on these laboratory animals is to save the world from distress. Not only these researches are conducted to treat all kinds of human diseases, but they also assist in treating diseases related to many types of animals. A laboratory animal and human possess certain biological similarity therefore, testing and researching upon these animals helps in learning a lot about our bodies and its functions.

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