Laboratory Animal Testing


Laboratory Animal Testing  

Animal testing would not have been so cruel if it was being done just to save millions of living entity. The indiscriminate usage of animals for laboratory testing has raised many queries. Each year millions of animals undergo furious tests by various pharmaceutical industries and manufacturers to produce cosmetics, toiletries, and also household cleaners claiming that these are safe to be used for human.

But in actual the authenticity of these tests is not justified. There are several products which may be giving safe results for certain animals but here reliability in human application may be doubtful.

The industries and companies manufacturing cosmetics, toiletries and household cleaning products take the easy way out. No country in the world demands for animal testing as mandatory in fact they simply demand proofs that the product should be safe for human use. The motives behind doing laboratory testing by these industries are to defend themselves from different lawsuits. Therefore, in order to save themselves and compete well in the market poor animals are being tortured. This is not correct and must be condemned at the first place. It is high time that knowing all these we keep accepting such brutality silently.

The animals used in such laboratories are being held captive, fed and raised up in an extreme inhumane environment. They are being made to stay in numbers in small cages which hinders their movements. The cages are not cleaned properly. There are few tests which involve shaving of the fur and application of chemicals in the skin it causes severe rashes and infections when the tests are finished either these are killed to release them from pain or some of them are left throughout with sufferings.

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Laboratory Animal Testing )
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