Pros And Cons Of Animal Testing


Pros And Cons Of Animal Testing  

Animal testing for development of medicines, life saving drugs, checking quality of products like cosmetics, toiletries and house hold cleaning materials is a debatable subject and aroused controversies amongst scientists, government officials and ordinary people.

The supporters of animal testing support their views by claiming that animal testing helps in saving lives of animal as well as human from various diseases and it is necessary to do animal testing in the field of medical research. However, opponents believe that killing animals for human benefits is not ethical and must be condemned. Looking at these two dissimilar views let us discover few pros and cons of animal testing,

Pros of Animal Testing:

Supporters of animal testing emphasize that what we get from handful of animal testing is an enormous amount of relief from various diseases which otherwise would have been causing pain and distress to the animals and human. For instance, treatment for cancer and HIV, antibiotics for infections, insulin for diabetes, and vaccines for various diseases have been discovered all due to animal research. If it were not for animal testing, then in order to prove the efficacy of these drugs and medicines human testing would have to be employed in.

Also, many believe that human have been using animals to satisfy their needs like eating meat or using the animals for various other necessary purposes than why not animal testing?

Cons of Animal Testing:

Opponents claim that the animals that are not killed after testing are being held in captivity and are frequently injured or else are subjected to pain and distress.

Also, an animal cannot give approval to testing, as we human can. Opponents also points out that animal testing at all times are not successful. Many animals apparently appear to exhibit similar biological conditions like humans but there exists considerable differences thus restraining the usefulness of animal testing.

The Humane Society of the United States verified that approximately ninety-two percent of the drugs that go through animal testing are not successful in human safety experiments.

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