Should Animal Testing Be Allowed


Should Animal Testing Be Allowed ?  

For many years the topic of animal testing has been under controversy for many animal activists, scientists, researchers and government. Whether we should use animals for testing is a debatable question. If one sees the positive outcomes of animal testing, one would notice that the accomplishment has left all other doubts far behind. Until an alternative method is discovered to tests the efficiency of drugs and medicines discovered, animal testing would continue by and large.

Every year animal testing has resulted in saving of millions of lives. Instead of considering that the life of the animal used for testing as a mere waste one must consider it as a fruitful step in improving the life of millions in the future years. Many do not realize that the animal testing has put a remarkable impact in the lives of many living entity. From HIV drugs to organ transplants, antibiotics to vaccines all these would not have been possible had there be no acceptance for animal testing existing.

However, no matter how useful the animal testing is, if one sees from the point of view of pain and suffering that an animal undergoes out of testing, one would probably say that stop these entire nuisance. Animals can also feel pain the way we do. A pain is completely a mental event. That someone is in pain is being indicated by tears, screams or moving away from something. If we, as humans, exhibit our pain by crying, screaming or jerking away from the thing that causes pain, will not the animal do the same when they are being poked, burned or stepped on? Since these external factors are same for both it is very natural to say that animals used for testing undergo extreme brutality and sufferings.

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Should Animal Testing Be Allowed ? )
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