What Diseases Has Animal Testing Cured


What Diseases Has Animal Testing Cured ?  

Animal testing has in its credit cured many diseases. Testing in animals has brought enormous advancement in the field of medical research. There are many anesthetic products and neurophysiology development that has been possible due to vivisections.

The cure for rabies and anthrax can be very well accredited to animals.

There are certain other medical developments also that could be achievable because of use of animals as testing these diseases include arthritis, whooping cough, leprosy, diphtheria, rubella, and measles.

Treatment of cardiovascular diseases dates back to a research done by William Harvey from England in the year 1628. In his research, Harvey used dogs to find facts about blood circulation. Then later, in the year 1733, Stephen Hales discovered the means to measure blood pressure by using hares.

After about a century, French physiologist Jean Poiseulle used dogs to measure blood pressure giving the world the first of its mercury manometer for measuring blood pressure. If the above mentioned scientist would not have used animals for their respective researches, the present-day scientists could not have achieved so much advancement in the field of cardiology.

The greatest achievement so far recorded in the medical history using animal testing is the cure for polio. Reports reveals that in the early years of the 20th century numerous people world over were affected from polio. Jonas Salk pioneered in successfully developing a polio vaccine which helped millions of people all over the world from this disease which had no cure then. His experiments were primarily carried out on approximately 17,500 monkeys. This vaccine is now known to have completely eradicated Polio disease from the world.

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