Should Animal Testing be Allowed, Fact About Animal Testing


What Is Animal Testing ?  

          Experimental utilization of animals other than human for treatment from various diseases is termed as animal testing. Animal testing has other names also like animal research or animal experimentation. Animal testing is carried out by scientists and researchers in the field of medicine and pharmacy. Animals are held captive and raised for the purpose of experimentation.More...

Fact About Animal Testing

Fact About Animal Testing

Animal testings are authorized all over the world to test different types of products from shampoo to skin creams and oven cleaners to cancer drugs. There are countries where the law demands that any new drug that has been launched should have been tested on a minimum of 2 different species of live mammals and one of these must be a large non-rodent.More...

Cruelty In Animal Testing

Cruelty In Animal Testing

Animals used in laboratory for testing are treated mercilessly for the benefit of human being. Mankind has repeatedly failed to give the due respect to animals. One must understand that animal also have feelings and emotions as human have. Imagine when these animals are being tested with various scientific specimens without even being given anesthesia.More...


Is Animal Testing Ethical ?

Is Animal Testing Ethical

Animal testing is surely unethical but with new diseases and illnesses emerging out routinely there is no option for the scientists, researchers and the pharmacists to depend on an evil act like animal testing. Each year around 50 to 100 million vertebrates such as mice, rats, fish and dogs are tested in laboratories for various researches in the fields of developmental biology, genetics and behavioral studies.More...

Laboratory Animal Testing

Laboratory Animal Testing

Animal testing would not have been so cruel if it was being done just to save millions of living entity. The indiscriminate usage of animals for laboratory testing has raised many queries. Each year millions of animals undergo furious tests by various pharmaceutical industries and manufacturers to produce cosmetics, toiletries, and also household cleaners claiming that these are safe to be used for human. More...

Pros And Cons Of Animal Testing

Pros And Cons Of Animal Testing

Animal testing for development of medicines, life saving drugs, checking quality of products like cosmetics, toiletries and house hold cleaning materials is a debatable subject and aroused controversies amongst scientists, government officials and ordinary people.More...


Should Animal Testing Be Allowed ?

Should Animal Testing Be Allowed

For many years the topic of animal testing has been under controversy for many animal activists, scientists, researchers and government. Whether we should use animals for testing is a debatable question. If one sees the positive outcomes of animal testing, one would notice that the accomplishment has left all other doubts far behind. Until an alternative method is discovered to tests the efficiency of drugs and medicines discovered, animal testing would continue by and large. More...


What Diseases Has Animal Testing Cured ?

What Diseases Has Animal Testing Cured

Animal testing has in its credit cured many diseases. Testing in animals has brought enormous advancement in the field of medical research. There are many anesthetic products and neurophysiology development that has been possible due to vivisections.More...


When Did Animal Testing Start ?

When Did Animal Testing Start

The earliest evidence of testing on animals goes back to the writings of Greeks in the second and subsequently fourth century BCE. Testing carried out on living animal was first performed by Aristotle (384-322 BCE) and then by Erasistratus (304-258 BCE). Pigs and goats were first dissected by Galen, a physician, in the 2nd century. Galen hailed from Rome.More...


Animal Research For Kids

Animal Research For Kids

Imagine a world without animals! Animals are the best companion of human. The animals have influenced us in every way ever since the existence of human beings began.

From food to clothing and farming to transport animal has been an indispensable part. More...




Animal-Rights-Vs-Medical-Research      There exists no doubt that testing laboratory animals had become an indispensable part of medical research. Over the last 50 years a debate has been fuming up over the use of innocent animals for the benefit of human being. This debate has acquired more voice in the past three decades ever since the emergence of Animal Rights. More..


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