Can Stem Cells Cure Heart Disease ?


Can Stem Cells Cure Heart Disease ?  

Advancement in the stem cell research can be well utilized for restoring damaged heart cells giving rise to new breakthrough in the treatment of cardiac dysfunction. At present, in the US, almost 4.8 million people are affected by one or other type of heart malfunctioning and this is expected to grow by 40,000 cases annually.

Heart attack or myocardial infarction as termed medically occurs in almost 1.1 million Americans annually. Today, heart diseases are the major causes of death and disorders in United States.

The major reason of heart malfunctioning is the damage of heart muscles cells which are called cardiomyocytes. This destruction occurs because of hypertension, deficiency of blood supply to the muscle of the heart because of coronary artery disorder, or even a heart attack, or a rapid shutting of blood vessel responsible for supplying oxygen to the heart.

Cardiology has made rapid advancement and there are various treatment techniques for treating cardiac problems including drugs, organ transplantation, mechanical aids and surgery. Despite availability of these means, a patient diagnosed with cardiac disorders normally does not last up to five or six years. Therefore, researchers are now trying to explore methods to use the replacement cell techniques for dead and impaired cells which would give new strength of the heart muscle cells enhancing is power of pumping.

Scientists are now able to identify a fact that under the specific state for high growth in lab culture, stem cells can be prodded to develop into new cardiomyocytes and vascular endothelial cells. This technique will be able to replace the damaged tissues of the heart.

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Can Stem Cells Cure Heart Disease ? )
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