Cord Blood Stem Cells And Cerebral Palsy


Cord Blood Stem Cells And Cerebral Palsy  

Cerebral palsy affects children due to the lack of oxygen prior to the birth or in the primary stage of life. Insufficient oxygen supply in the brain results in this motor and mental disorder.

Different kinds of cerebral palsy are found, like Ataxic is found in 10 percent cases is related with the destruction of the cerebrum resulting into deficiency in walking, hearing and speech; Spastic cerebral palsy occurs in 70 to 80 percent of cases and it is related with the damage of the corticospinal tract or the motor cortex; Athetoid or dyskinetic cerebral palsy happens due to injury caused in the extrapyramidal motor system, pyramidal tract or to the basal ganglia.

Cerebral palsy can be treated based only on its symptom and it cannot be recovered. Researchers have anticipated stem cell therapy as an alternate means of treating cerebral palsy.

Treatment of cerebral palsy with the help of cord blood cell has shown remarkable results. The credit of carrying out successful performance of this therapy goes to Joanne Kurtzberg at Duke University, who was one of the key researchers of this pilot project.

Normally cord blood cells are used for treating hematological disorders such as leukemia’s and genetic metabolic conditions. The reason that cord blood cells are used because of their ability to grow into other kinds of adult stem cell. The matching possibility is enhanced and it can directly distinguish into other kinds of cells which are related to cerebral palsy like neurons and glial cells.

Those who have been successfully treated in the Duke University from cerebral palsy are patients like Ryan Schneider, Maia Friedlander, Dallas Hextell, and Chloe Levine. All of these people showed tremendous improvements. In fact, Dallas Hextell was known to have shown remarkable results in just five days.

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