Hair Regrowth And Stem Cell


Hair Regrowth And Stem Cell  

Hair regrowth is a famous word often heard or seen in advertisements in television or paper. After all, those with baldness cannot think anything beyond hair regrowth therefore, such advertisement gain so much popularity. No, matter which oil, shampoo or herbal medicine they advocate the results are still not satisfactory. So, has anybody heard about stem cell therapy in regaining hair?

The idea seems to be working because many of know that stem cell is related to growth of new cells replacing the damaged ones. So, one can expect that if somehow the damaged hair cells could be replaced with stem cell it would bring wonders.

Researchers associated with the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine successfully isolated stem cells that were required for hair growth. Hair follicles follow a pattern growth, rest and regrowth. It has been noticed that those suffering from hair loss possess abnormal hair follicles that remains in the rest period for longer period of time thus hindering the regrowth stage. The researchers identified that the stem cells, which are located in the hair follicle bulge, could result into hair growth.

These stem cells were transplanted into the adult mice and within a time period of 4 weeks the transplanted stem cells gave rise to new follicles which helped in the growth of new hair.

Although the actual treatment for human is still 10 years away, but it is for sure that those days are not far off when people aspiring for new hair growth will not have to depend on the impractical solution like oil, shampoos and even sprays and will have an actual treatment available for hair loss.

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