How Can Stem Cells Cure Diabetes ?


How Can Stem Cells Cure Diabetes ?  

For those suffering from type 1 diabetes there is a hope for cure in the next few years. The stem cell therapy has excellent performance in treating type I diabetes. This is famously known as Islet cell transplant. Islet cells are those which produce insulin. These cells can be put inside the patient's pancreas. These set of cells are also known as islets of Langerhans. They further helps in production of beta cells.

Those suffering from type I diabetes have their beta cells destroyed due to which the sugar instead of providing energy to the body accumulates in the blood. An increase of sugar other than the prescribed level causes hyperglycemia and the fatal ketoacidoisis.

An Islet cell transplant method, unlike an ordinary organ transplant, requires the transplantation of the cells only. It however needs two or more pancreas from a donor to acquire necessary number of cells to be transplanted to the patient’s pancreas. This method does not demand for lot of invasive procedures. In spite of its high success rate, it is still at an experimental stage in the US. There are occasions when the patient’s pancreas does not accept the cells and the transplant turns out to be unsuccessful. It is however, quite common in any organ transplant surgery. Reports say that in the span of one year around forty percent of patients who have undergone stem cell therapy do not require insulin. This indicates that the cells transplanted are able to produce insulin as it happens in any healthy person.

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How Can Stem Cells Cure Diabetes ? )
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