Stem Cell And Heart Failure


Stem Cell And Heart Failure  

In the US, there are around 400,000 cases of cardiac arrest each year. Cardiac arrest which one of the common cause of deaths at present results due to the weakening of heart muscles. Although the medical field has made tremendous advancement in treatment of heart diseases using drugs, organ transplants, surgeries and even use of mechanical devices, still the number of cases of death due to a heart failure keep rising each year.

Cardiac arrest, or medically known as myocardial infarction, is mainly caused by impairment of heart cells and circulatory system.

Researchers and doctors are presently trying for stem cell therapy for cure of heart diseases. The National Institutes of Health has approved and sponsored stem cell research for curing heart failure. Stem cells possess the potential to grow into many types of cells.

Such a potential would help in replacing the damaged cells and tissues into completely new ones. If that is achieved successfully, the future for treatments of many incurable diseases would be possible. Stem cell therapy will not only treat heart failures but would also be able to build new tissues and organs thus reversing the cycle of ageing.

While all those promises made by stem cell therapy seems to be true but the problem that pertains is to how to control its potential to benefit everyone. The tests and trials conducted so, far has proved that not always in all patients the stem cells are able to show positive results. Some trials give unsuccessful results because the body of the patient is unable to accept the stem cells. Therefore technically it is true that stem cell should cure heart failure but in practical terms it may not be successful every time.

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