Stem Cells In Parkinsons


Stem Cells In Parkinsons  

Parkinson’s disease is caused because of the loss of a specific neuron known as dopaminergic neurons which are responsible for producing a natural chemical dopamine.

Reduction in dopamine results in Parkinson’s disease. Once affected, it hinders the movement of the patient and destroys his talking or writing ability.

Stem cells therapy has become a widespread term in treating various kinds of diseases.

Treatment of Parkinson’s disease is however, not a very common medical process.

Scientists believe that lot more information is still needed for reasons behind Parkinson’s disease itself. And as such the stem cell research are still on the progress to effectively use it for any treatment and cure. Therefore, to say that stem cell would provide a permanent cure for Parkinson’s disease in reality is a way behind.

Scientists are probing for stem cell therapy for Parkinson’s because of the fact that it is caused by a single identifiable cell hence its replacement with stem cell has lot of potential to regenerate new dopaminergic nerve cells. Few of the recently done trials that have been done so far has shown positive results but it needs further investigations related to the transplanted cells that whether the new cells survives for long and can integrate with the existing brain cells to correct the circuitry and don’t form tumors.

All these trials offer proof of the basic principle because in some of these trials a lot of improvement were noticed in the patients and they lasted for long thereby conforming to the fact that in future stem cell can be a treatment method for Parkinson’s.

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Stem Cells In Parkinsons )
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