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Biomedical Engineering Current Events


Biomedical engineering is the latest science that makes use of the modern technology and the basic biology and medicine to enhance the therapeutics and its aids effective. It is the field of basic science and technology which joins together and provides excellent solutions for critical diseases like cardiovascular disease.

The current events that are going on in biomedical engineering are the development of various artificial organs right from the head to feet, implantable automated monitors which will help to detect the changes in the patient like blood pressure, temperature, etc. It is very much helpful to develop the various advanced devices that are used in the surgery.More...


Biomedical Engineering Facts

Biomedical Engineering Facts

Biomedical engineering is a field involving an amalgamation of engineering, biology and medicine. It applies engineering techniques in medical field to improve medical practice, and this in turn provides better predictability of life and life span. Biomedical engineering has large scale implication on the social well being of human beings.

It is one of the emerging fields with large scale investment in research and development happening. With the increasing development in science and technology, medical practice is becoming more and more technology based. This also applies in the case of medical diagnosis and treatment. Increasing public demand for better health care is also one of the reasons for the development of biomedical engineering. Some of the well established specialty areas within the field of biomedical engineering are bioinstrumentation, biomechanics, biomaterials, cellular, tissue and genetic engineering, clinical engineering, system physiology and rehabilitation engineering.More...


Biomedical Engineering Inventions

Biomedical Engineering Inventions

Biomedical engineering has originated 200 years ago, during the electrophysiology studies of Galvani and Volta. Biomedical Engineers bridge the gap between engineering and medicine. In 20th century, biomedical engineering focused on electrical properties of tissue and cells. It was only between World War I and World War II that they have started working on radiation therapy. Such medical inventions have not only helped in the development of improved diagnostic techniques, but also have led to the development of medicines for the treatment of some dreadful diseases.

A significant contribution of biomedical engineering is the design and development of medical devices that help to replace the body parts. They have also invented small implantable devices that functions exactly like normal organs.More...


What Is Biomedical Engineering ?

What Is Biomedical Engineering

In this modern world, knowledge in technology is advancing at a faster rate and as a result there is an enormous rate of improvement in the existing technology resulting in improved human welfare. One such improvement in the health care is the introduction of biomedical engineering.

Biomedical engineering is an applied science that combines the knowledge of the latest technology available with the biology and the medical science to improve the medical care facilities. There is a tremendous advancement seen in the medical field after the emergence of this applied science. This science mainly focuses on the management of the critical ailments. More...




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