What Is Cardiology


What Is Cardiology ?  

The branch of medical science that deals with the study of cardiovascular disorders and its associated treatment is cardiology. It is basically the study of heart and its dysfunction. This course of study is often studied as a specialization after completing the under graduation in medicine.

This study offers the physicians to understand better about the diagnosis of the heart disease and also helps them to know more about the treatment regimen. It also aids the physicians to learn about methodology to handle the devices that are used in treating the heart failure. They also learn other techniques that are commonly involved in heart related diseases. The physician who completes this course of study is called as cardiologists.

Cardiologists also study about the arteries and thus help them to explore any obstruction in the arteries and if present, they are able to treat the disorder like using angioplasty, a technique that is used to widen the arteries. The arteries are the one that carries blood to the heart. The blockage in these arteries can be due to hypertension, atherosclerosis, diabetes etc. Hence, any cardiologist gives treatment regimen to the patient only after considering all these risk factors.

People who are categorized under the risk of acquiring the cardio vascular disease like those who are prone to develop the disease due to hereditary risk, obesity, improper diet, etc are advised to consult the doctor and get the direction to visit the cardiologist on a regular basis to screen for the cardio vascular disease to prevent any other major ailment like heart attack, heart failure, etc.

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What Is Cardiology ? )
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