Blood Clot From Coronary Angiogram


Blood Clot From Coronary Angiogram  

Blood clots are generally formed to stop bleeding, as in the case of an injury. When a blood vessel is injured, then the blood cells and the fibrin strand rapidly form a clump to stop the bleeding. This is a natural process in case of an injury. But, when the blood clot forms even when the person is not injured, then it is a pathological condition which needs to be checked. This is because such kind of blood clots may not allow the flow of blood through an artery or a vein.

Generally when such kind of a blockage occurs in the arteries of a person, the physician conducts a coronary angiogram. A coronary angiogram is an X-ray image of the coronary arteries. These are the arteries located on the surface of the heart. A coronary angiogram is generally done as a part of a larger process called coronary catheterization. During catheterization, a catheter which is a long slender, plastic tube is inserted into your body. Coronary angiogram is the most common heart catheter procedure. As mentioned before, such kind of a procedure is generally required when the patient complains of chest pain or when there is a problem with your blood vessels.

Coronary angiograms are not however devoid of risks. Although these complications may be severe in nature, they occur in as low as three percent of patients. One of the risks associated with a coronary angiogram is the occurrence of blood clots. Other complications include heart attack, stroke, and infection.

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Blood Clot From Coronary Angiogram )
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