Coronary Heart Disease Facts


Coronary Heart Disease Facts  

Coronary heart disease or CHD is the most common cause of death in the United States today. It is a condition wherein there is not enough circulation of blood to the coronary muscles and its adjacent tissues.  The most common reason for occurrence of the coronary heart disease is atherosclerosis or coronary artery disease; also known as CAD.

This is a condition which affects the coronary arteries. Fatty deposits accumulate within the walls of the arteries constricting the subsequent blood vessels and hence reducing the blood circulation. These coronary arteries supply oxygen and nutrients to the myocardium or the wall of the heart.  Hence, when they get affected, it acts a serious hampering of the functioning of the heart.

Even though there are known symptoms of the disease, most victims of coronary heart disease live on with the disease for several years before the symptoms actually manifest or before the first heart attack or myocardial infarction occurs. Nevertheless, the typical symptoms include angina or chest pain and shortness of breath. Sometimes, people may also show signs of swelling of hands and feet.

High cholesterol level in the blood is the leading cause of coronary heart disease. Other factors which are responsible for leading to the fatty deposits in the arteries are, if the patient smokes or has a family history of diabetes or obesity. In women, the hormone estrogen protects against atherosclerosis until menopause. After this, women have a high risk of the disease. Therefore, a healthy lifestyle combining exercise, reduced stress, refraining from smoking and losing weight will certainly help.

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Coronary-Sinus-Function      In the heart, a coronary sinus is an aggregation of veins that have been joined together to form a large blood vessel. It collects blood from the myocardium or the wall of the heart. It is present in the right atrium and is sheltered by the coronary valve. The coronary valve is a part of the lining membrane of the auricle, which is semicircular in shape. The coronary sinus has an opening called coronary sinus orifice. It is also known as the ostium of the coronary sinus. It is protected by the Thesbian valve. More..


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