Symptoms Of Coronary Blocked Arteries


Symptoms Of Coronary Blocked Arteries  

Coronary arteries are generally blocked because of the formation of plaques in its inner walls. This happens because of the deposits of fatty substances like cholesterol. There may be several reason why this happens, such as obesity, diabetes, a chronic habit of smoking as well as old age where the heart becomes weak, if not leading a healthy lifestyle.

As a result, the arteries become narrow, and are not able to supply the due amount of oxygen and nutrients through the blood to the heart.

There are clear symptoms of blocked coronary arteries which start manifesting in the early stages itself. To begin with, the patient may experience shooting pain in the chest. It may be a tingling sensation. This symptom is called angina and may either be acute or persistent. Slowly, with time other parts of the body may succumb to the pain such as the shoulder, arm, jaw and abdomen. When the patient runs, he or she may experience the pain in the legs as well. 

Apart from this, the person may get tired easily succumbing to exhaustion and fatigue, and lightheaded. Other symptoms which are common throughout the course of the disease are being nauseous, having shortness of breath and feeling dizzy.

To prevent these symptoms from manifesting into something larger and more dangerous such as a myocardial infarction or heart attack, proper diagnosis is required. Also, if there is a medical history of an illness like diabetes or obesity in the family, the person should be more careful and should take necessary precautions.

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Symptoms Of Coronary Blocked Arteries )
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