Fast Facts For Adult Critical Care


Fast Facts For Adult Critical Care  

Critical care of adults would depend on the type of illness that the patient is suffering from. In most adults, they are admitted to critical care units because of life threatening diseases and with age recovery may not be so fast. Hence, extra care has to be taken in such cases. The type of care for such patients will of course depend on the disease for which they have been admitted and the type of environment they are in.

A few types of Critical Care Units where adults may be admitted are Burns Unit, Cardiovascular ICU, Emergency Services, Medical ICU, Neuro Care Unit, Surgical ICU and Trauma. For the nurses, who are in charge in such environments, they have to be very sensitive to understand and balance the needs of the patient and the emotions of the family members. Sometimes, the adults may need to be subjected to physical restraint when removed from sedation. At such times, the nurses have to be vigilant to make sure that the patient does not cause self-injury.

Adult critical care uses disease specific measures of impairment, functional status to care for adults. But research has found that most of the measures of impairment are largely used for diseases related to the respiratory system. They are measured in respiratory volumes such as vital capacity, pulmonary diffusing capacity and so on. Functional status used can be physical functional status and mental functional status. In physical functional status this is divided as generic and disease-specific. In mental functional status, it is divided as generic and that what is specific to trauma patients.

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