What Is The Meaning Of Oncology


What Is The Meaning Of Oncology ?  

The Oncology is the branch of medicine that deals with the study of cancer and its causes and the treatment. The word oncology derived from the Greek word "o(n)glos" + "logos" of which "o(n)glos" meaning ‘bulk or mass’ and the "logos" meaning ‘study or treatise’. The word oncology together means the study of tumors. The development of tumor is due to the abnormal growth of body tissue because of uncontrolled cell division. The oncology is divided into medical oncology, surgical oncology, radiation oncology, rediatric oncology.

Each discipline deals with the specialized study and mainly focus on the particular subject. The discipline Medical oncology mainly deals with the cancer treatment using medicine that even includes chemotherapy. The discipline surgical oncology deals with the study of the surgery that includes biopsy, staging and tumor removal by surgery. The discipline radiation oncology concentrates on the treatment of cancer with the radiation therapy. Pediatric oncology is the latest branch that mainly focuses on the children. This branch includes the medicine, surgery and radiation therapy in it as it focuses on children. Moreover, the children with cancer face unique problem and hence this study covers all sorts of treatment.

The team that is involves in treating cancer includes a bunch of professional who have devoted themselves to work together to give complete care to the patients and it is comprised of specialist doctors, pathologist, a diagnostic radiologist, and an oncology nurse. The major strength in working together as a team combines the skills of all the disciplines like surgery, chemotherapy and radiation that give a wholesome treatment to the patient.

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What Is The Meaning Of Oncology ? )
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