What To Expect From Pain Management Doctor


What To Expect From Pain Management Doctor ?  

No one in the world could say that they never experienced pain in their life. Everyone goes through pain in any of the form such as accidents, injuries etc. The pain management centre improves the quality of one’s life by controlling the pain of the sufferer. There are experts in the form of pain management doctors who can help the injured and it does help them to a greater comfort.

The first phase of evaluation consists of the collection of history about the nature of injury and the patient. CT scans, X-ray reports, MRI scans or myelograms help the doctor to understand the causes for the pain and the condition of the injury. Along with the reports, the blood pressure, temperature and weight are also recorded. Any allergies towards a particular medicine, previous medications and past surgeries were questioned and documented.

During the second phase of evaluation, the level of pain is found in and around the injured areas. It also records the time of pain to find any sequence in the pain.

A complete assessment is made during the third phase of pain management where the doctor finds the level of inflammation, abnormal changes in the affected area and the color of the region. Non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs are given to treat the inflammation where a pain killer is given to treat severe pain. The treatment could vary from case to case but it is aimed to readjust the nervous system that sends unnatural pain signals to the brain. If the treatment remains unresponsive and the pain continues, the doctors may consider surgical options to treat.

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What To Expect From Pain Management Doctor ? )
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