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What Is Pediatrics ?


The branch of medicine that deals with the study of care of infants, kids and adolescents is called as pediatrics. The doctor who gives treatment to the children from birth to 21years of age is called pediatrician. The word pediatrician is derived from Greek in which the word pais means child and the word -iatros means physician. Hence, the word pediatrician has a meaning as healer of children.

To become a pediatrician, the physician has to undergo extensive training and clinical practices for several years of residency. This field involves many different specialists to provide the wholesome care for the children even in the areas of the physical, mental and social related issues. The pediatrician also undergoes several other trainings of residency to become subspecialists in the other areas of pediatrics.More...


History Of Pediatrics

History Of Pediatrics

The field of pediatrics is first documented in 2nd century AD, when Soraneus in Greece pen down the manuscript about the pediatrics. Later, in Persia, Rhazes, who lived between 865 and 925, wrote the book called The Disease of Children, the first book that addressed a new field of medicine called as Pediatrics. The branch of study that handles the medical care which is specially given to the infants, children and adolescents is called as pediatrics, and the physician who has done their specialization in this field is called as pediatrician.

In 1472, Bagallarder, an Italian who wrote a book entitled Little Book on Disease in Children, the first printed book that focuses on the disease of the children. From then onwards, there is a gradual growth in the field of pediatrics, which has grown to the level to start a separate unit especially for children alone. Later in Paris, in 1802, a separate hospital was built exclusively for Pediatrics. Then, this trend of building separate hospital for the children spread to different parts of the world and the new branch of medicine called Pediatrics came into existence.More...


Medication For Pediatrics

Medication For Pediatrics

There has been a tremendous advancement in the field of Pediatrics that helps the children to lead a healthy life. There are several new medications available to treat the diseases that commonly affect the children. The frequently problems that the children encounters is allergy, Acne, Ear infections, Streptococcal infections and viral infection.

The common medication used to treat the allergy is Claritin, Zyrtec and Allegra. The allergy is seen in all age group of children. Acne is the other commonly seen problem that usually affects the adolescents. The drugs to treat acne are Differin, Tazorac, Retin A microgel, Benzaclin, etc. The Eczema is also another skin disease that is seen in the children. The medication used to treat eczema includes Protopic, tacrolimus, an immunomodulator ointment, and ElidelMore...




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