Holistic Sleep Medicine


Holistic Sleep Medicine  

In the US, around 17 percent of people suffer from the sleep disorder called insomnia. There are many ways to treat the sleep disorder and the most commonly, pharmaceutical drugs are used to treat the disease. The problem with the usage of these drugs is the side effects of the medication and this demands an alternative therapy to treat the sleep disorders. Holistic medicine is used as an alternative medicine to treat sleep related problems.

It seems to leave fewer side effects on the patients and helps to clear the sleep disorders completely. The approach of the holistic medicine in diagnosing the sleep disorder is by understanding the environment and the family history of the patient. This approach helps to know about the root cause of the disease and not just treating the symptoms alone by the medication.

The herb called Kava, which is an anti-anxiety herb, is used to treat the sleep disorders like insomnia. The root of the Valeria is also found to induce sleep in many patients with sleep associated problems. The usage of Chamomile gives convincing result to treat sleep disorders and it is recommended by the FDA as it causes no side effects. The hormone Melatonin promotes quality sleep to the individual.

Holistic medicine helps to induce sleep by resolving the cause of the problem and also helps to refreshes the body, soul and the mind of the patient. Thus it is considered to be the safest and effective method than any other pharmaceutical medications to treat the sleep related disorders like insomnia.

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