Information on African Medicine :

     African medicine is one of the most ancient and traditional medicinal practices. African medicine is an inseparable component of African religion. It is a holistic method of treating ailments that involves an extensive use of indigenously developed herbal extracts combined with aspects of ancient African spiritualism.

     Traditional African medicine’s origins that dates back to several centuries. African medicine mainly involves diviners, midwives and herbalists, all having a definite role. Diviners are responsible for finding the cause of the disease. Many times, illness is believed to be caused due to any spiritual or divine intervention. According to the traditional practitioners of African medicine, therapy would be more efficient if both medicinal and psycho-spiritual aspects are addressed. An illness is diagnosed depending on the social environment of the patient. Depending on this diagnosis, herbal treatment is administered.

     Apart from plant extracts, African healers are also known to use other techniques such as casting a spell, charms and incantations. Practitioners of this ancient medicinal practice claim to have solution for almost every kind of medical complication including HIV/AIDS, cancer, mental disorders, cholera, infertility, venereal diseases, urinary tract infections and even gout.

     One of those popular therapies that have been widely accepted around the world is the treatment of benign prostate hyperplasia using the bark of Pygeum, a tree found prominently in Africa. Sold in the form of powders, tincture and pills, this extract is known to decrease inflammation, ease the process of urination and reduce cholesterol deposits.

      However, an improper diagnosis and treatment method could often result in a fatal condition. Hence, it is very important to determine the accuracy of the diagnosis and the treatment regime before going ahead with the treatment prescribed by African medicine.

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